Alternative Universe

Do you ever think that you’ve gone to sleep and woken up in an “Alternate Universe”? It seems we are now in Bizarro world where everything kind of looks the same, but it really isn’t, and this doesn’t just apply to the UK but throughout the world.

I can’t pinpoint the actual moment the Timeline was disrupted but I think it was sometime in 2016 when we voted for Brexit/ Leicester won the Premiership/ The Chicago Cubs won the World Series for the first in 108 years /Trump won the US Presidency and the Green Double Comet 252P passed very close to Earth. 

Meanwhile back in the old world things haven’t changed – you still can’t get a click and collect delivery slot/ the hospitals are overcrowded/ the government hates the NHS and thinks it spends to much money/ footballers are paid obscene amount of wages and we’re still interested in what grade Z reality stars actually do!  

At this moment in time and in this alternate universe what is next going to happen? Alien Invasion? 


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  1. If the aliens you are talking about did actually land, looked like friendly Smash Martians (‘for MASH get SMASH – remember?) and breathed in Covid-19 pretty much like trees & plants absorb carbon dioxide/monoxide, then I for one would welcome them this very day with open arms, sir.

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