Bell Meadow Park, Chelmsford.



Editor & Head Honcho.


Editor & Head Honcho.

I think a couple of things we need to give Chelmsford City Council (CCC) a huge pat on the back for are those two magnificent wicker tanks that helped commemorate VE Day so successfully recently, sited on the roundabout between Essex County Cricket Ground and our ‘Office/Slough’ style ugly multi-storey car-park (that roundabout always appears to be so very well maintained) and our ever beautiful Bell Meadow Park, which is the one out the back of M&S (clearly ‘not just any old park’). This was the scene this morning (08:30am/20th May) when it was probably already 20 degrees. Jolly well done to ALL concerned. Your efforts are most appreciated.


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  1. Don’t forget Hylands Park bloke. I spent 3 hours wandering around there yesterday and it’s a place of beauty. Bloody deserted too. The jewel in Chelmsford’s crown no doubt.

  2. We all have our favourites, Deaks, and it’s Bell Meadow for me.
    Hylands is a completely different beast. It’s huge and it just doesn’t do it for me.
    Whereas Bell Meadow is small and intimate and if you blink, you’re already through it.
    But it is beautifully put together and very well maintained indeed.
    P.S. And remember, it really is OK to disagree!

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