“A Secret Nuclear Power Plant at Hatfield Peverel”

Shaun January 23, 2014 0
“A Secret Nuclear Power Plant at Hatfield Peverel”

We may as well start the New Year off on a dull note and The Edge would like to open a can of worms by revealing, for the record, that it has noticed some peculiar side-effects as regards certain folks living within close proximity of Hatfield Peverel’s controversial Nuclear Power Plant (turn right out of the railway station and you’ll soon see it in the distance on your left).

As we all know, a nuclear power station is a thermal power plant. In short, it’s a bit like a flask of tea in which the brew is kept warm for the remainder of the day by a built-in, spring-loaded, nuclear reactor fitted within its base. That said, the only trouble with this complicated process is that if any gases ever escape and mix in with the ozone layer, then dear oh dear, menfolk can quickly develop breasts whilst women can often turn into fully fledged chickens in the environs immediately surrounding.

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