I loved Shaun’s idea for having your presents wrapped up by
people with Parkinson’s disease this Christmas and if I was actually bothering
to buy anyone a present this year then I’d definitely sign up for that.

It got me thinking about other ways that we could raise
money over the Yuletide period, while hopefully livening up some otherwise
staid and boring traditions. Naturally the first thing that came to mind was
Christmas Carols, but with a Kingpin twist.

How would you like to see your favourite Christmas Carols
being belted out in the High Street by people with Tourettes syndrome? Come on,
admit it, it would be brilliant! Just think of all your Christmas favourites
getting a Tourettes makeover and being interspersed with random profanity.

I’d love to hear “God rest ye merry cocklickers!” or “Deck
the halls with hairy bollocks!”, and I can only imagine how good their version
of “The 12 days of Christmas” would be.

“Fiiiiiiiive big dogs cocks!

Four fanny-batters

Three wanking monkeys

Two Jizzlobbers

And a partridge right up your arse!”

A very merry Christmas indeed.

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