Christmas Rapping

rich November 19, 2011 0
Christmas Rapping

One of the subjects raised at the recent recording of The Edge’s latest podcast was just how sick and tired we all are of running the gauntlet of people sticking their charity boxes in our faces every five paces down Chelmsford High Street. One gets to despairing of it so much that it makes you actually hate whatever charity is being pedalled, and that can’t be good.

In the Edge’s humble opinion, it’s high time charities took to a much needed look at their fund-raising techniques, and there’s never any fresher pairs of eyes than right here at The Edge.

Take Parkinson’s Disease, for instance. Here’s how The Edge would boost their coffers for Christmas.

Set up a stall outside Debenhams on that outdoor French Market thingy in town (never heard anyone speaking French there, mind you) and offer a Christmas Gift Wrapping service performed by people who’ve got Parkinson’s Disease.


Yes. And instead of allowing Debenhams staff to gift wrap your Christmas purchases, or M&S staff, or whoever, be polite, but firm, and say, “No thank you. I am off to swell the coffers for Parkinson’s Disease.” And with that, you then merely stand in line and await your turn for someone with Parkinson’s Disease to wrap your Christmas gifts.

Hey, it’s a win-win situation! Everyone gets their Christmas gifts uniquely wrapped and in paying for the privilege, shoppers know full well that they are supporting a wonderful, wonderful cause.

For more great ideas on how to boost your charity coffers, always consult The Edge first.

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