Tamara Drewe

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Tamara Drewe

EDGE DVD REVIEW – Tamara Drewe

This is one of those flicks that’s easy to watch, yet oh so well put together.
The Edge had the gross misfortune to watch ‘Hall Pass’ the other evening, which to be blunt was totally inept. When you consider the vast sums that go into producing movies, you wonder how the makers of ‘Hall Pass’ could get it so blatantly wrong, whilst the producers of Tamara Drewe nailed it.

WARNING:?You do seriously not need to wear wellies to watch this movie, but as it’s set in a place called ‘the countryside’ (where people poke their noses into other people’s business), you may well get more out of the experience if you do.

Tamara (Gemma Arterton) returns to Ewedown, where the majority of the locals remember her for having a bit of a schnoz, as an elegant swan after rhinoplasty. These days she’s a glitzy London-based columnist, has a pop star beau on her arm, and decides to employ ex-boyfriend Andy (Luke Evans) to ‘do up’ the old family home in order to make a quick killing.
Enter Beth (Tamsin Greig) and Nicholas Hardiment (Roger Allam); he a fantastically self-important, successful crime novelist, whilst his wife runs a ‘retreat’ for would-be writers in the idyllic form of a series of ever so quaint chalets in the grounds of their beautiful home. ’Course, Nicholas merely treats his wife’s female guests as potential sexual fodder and has absolutely no intention of helping them with their craft, whilst Beth has grown so used to slaving away and keeping both the home and everyone in it tout sweet that somewhere along the line she’s also become accustomed to turning a blind eye to her husband’s philanderings.

“She’s poured herself into those shorts,”?Beth says upon viewing Tamara’s return… “I hope they don’t give her thrush.”

Drop whatever you’re doing and fit this movie in this weekend.
It’s as refreshing as diving into an ice-cold lake (sort of).
The Edge would definitely happily watch it all over again.

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