Mini Dachshund releases cookery video

rich March 25, 2015 0
Mini Dachshund releases cookery video

The owners of a mini dachshund, which is a right stupid-looking, pointless little dog that waddles way too close to Terra Firma, have started dressing it up in chef’s outfits and making mini cookery videos and posting them on-line. Just how frickin’ sad and desperate can you get?


Cute The Edge’s ass. Sick more like. The five-year-old pet has so far been filmed (apparently) rustling up a pizza, steak and even slow cooked lamb. And now – breaking news – there’s a brand new vid of the sausage dog creating a bruschetta.

The dog’s owners, Ryan and Lauren Walkies of Broomfield, describe their pooch as “a natural” in front of the camera. (A natural at laying dog eggs on the pavement and in the park, more like.)

Trouble is, people are gullible, aren’t they, and the ’orrible ’ound already has 100,000 followers on its Facecock page and its very own four-legged, bad-breathed website.

“He’s very well behaved where his food is concerned,” says owner Ryan. “He won’t gobble it up until he’s finished preparing it and it’s been properly served, silver service style.”

“We couldn’t ask for a better dog,” says Lauren.

“He’s like a son to us.”

Ugh. Pause the mag while it gags.

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