In Shadow – A Modern Odyssey

“There’s more truth here in 13 minutes than you get in 12 years of state education” superkruger (you tube)

Lubomir Arsov’s ‘In Shadow – A Modern Odyssey’ is one of the most beautiful and compelling combinations of animation and music that exists. Primarily a solo project, this could be easily seen as a modern day equivalent to Godfrey Reggio’s 1982 seminal film Koyaanisqatsi (life without meaning).

Combining striking anime influenced visuals, a foreboding contemporary prophetic message and a beautiful haunting ambient trip hop soundtrack, In Shadow also has an undeniably quirky sense of humour somewhere within it’s darkness (watch it a few times and see if you can spot Brangelina).

From the MIC, to corporate drug wars this animation pulls no punches with it’s dark critique on the sickness of modern western culture and the numerous forms of abuse that we now seem to readily accept.

If you haven’t seen this yet watch it. Then watch it again. Then again. Then tell your friend to watch it and buy something from Lubomir’s website.


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