Let’s forget about all the human suffering and get the Premier League started again



DEAKS takes you through his life's adventures, from leaving Rainsford Grammar School for the 'Advanced of Learning' to the present day, growing old disgracefully without shame or regret.


DEAKS takes you through his life's adventures, from leaving Rainsford Grammar School for the 'Advanced of Learning' to the present day, growing old disgracefully without shame or regret.

There is a lot of commentary in the media about the need to finish the 2019/20 football season and the main reason given by those that have a vested interest in completing the season, like Sky and BT, is the integrity of the game. 

Let’s talk about the integrity of the game shall we? A game that is so awash with money it could feed the starving of an African country or three for the next 10 years. A game that thinks nothing of paying its average players £80,000 a week, and its top earners £1.8M per month for what? Sticking on a pair of football boots for 90 minutes a week, sometimes a little more if the poor dears aren’t too exhausted, and doing what all of us would give our right arm to do.

A game that thinks nothing of paying an agent, aka a blood sucking parasite, £10M to “facilitate” a transfer. A game that thinks it’s ok to “own” a human being in this day and age and to hoover up all gifted and remotely gifted children across the world who show signs of being able to trap a ball, take them out of their family and their environment and, if they’re lucky enough not to get abused by a sexual predator, discard them at will if they don’t make the elite 1% deemed good enough to join the first team squad. 

A game that consists of owners, who have obtained their wealth dishonestly by many different means, including fraud, denying their people their basic human rights, murder and tax evasion and who think nothing of building up massive debts against the clubs they claim to love, without a second thought what becomes of those clubs when they walk away with with the millions they’ve accumulated.

Don’t even start me on the dishonest players that dive at every opportunity, will kiss the badge lovingly, until another badge comes along that will pay them more, and who will happily apply themselves at 80% capacity if it suits them on any given day. A game that embraces cheats, rapists, bullies, racists, drunks, drug users, sexual predators and love cheats. 

Integrity left football a long time ago, probably sometime during Sepp Blatter’s 40 year reign cemented by monsieur Michel Platini and his cronies.

And now the Premier League are wondering how they might complete their precious competition so that they can put their “champions” all 4 of them, forward into EUFA’s money spinning tournament for the “elite” champions of Europe (and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th placed teams, and the mighty Abanian and Lithuania champions) Another competition that must be completed at all cost according to EUFA. Why do you think that is? To maintain the integrity of the game? Yeah right, it’s to satisfy the great God that is television. The broadcasters are rubbing their hands together dreaming how they might sell this football bonanza of crowning champions, relegation heartbreak and mid table mediocrity during a 6 week feast of pulsating football. Super Sunday’s, Monday Night Football, Clash of the Titans and Relegation Friday! Pull up your armchair and grab your popcorn.

Meanwhile on another planet more than 200,000 people have died so far of a little known pandemic called Convid-19 with another 100,000 likely to die in May and God knows (no not the TV God, the other one) how many more will die before a cure is found. People are locked in their homes unable to care for or see their loved ones, worried about what they will eat yet alone what they will wipe their arse with.

But don’t worry about all that folks because football will be back on tv soon and all that will be a distant memory, even though people will still be dying, you won’t have to watch the news bulletins you will have Sky Sports and BT Sports to distract you. Happy Days are here again!!

I apologise in advance if you disagree with me or if you think I am being flippant. I guess I’m just trying to generate debate, albeit I wont deny these are my views. I want the football back as much as anyone else, I’m going stir crazy here.  There is nothing more I would like (well there is actually) than for the Premiership to conclude its matches, honestly I would, Liverpool deserve to be crowned champions, the 3 sides with the least number of points deserve to be relegated. Leeds, West Brom, Fleetwood and Coventry all deserve to be promoted. But there are more important things right now, football should acknowledge that by saying so and calling this season off, make it null and void, like my life has been thus far in 2020, and begin planning the start of the new season. 

Yes the new season in August, when hopefully we will be out of this dark tunnel and we can all, those of us that are left, enjoy the things that we have taken for granted for so long.


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