Local Electronic Artists Release Charity Album for NHS


Chelmsford based electronic music collective Resonance have just released a digital album “Four Walls”, to raise money both for the NHS and charities that support people affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic.

This is Resonance’s second release and has an eclectic range of ambient tracks.

Featuring 12 artists with varying styles you can download it for a modest £5.00 from bandcamp at the following link. https://resonancehq.bandcamp.com/album/four-walls

Resonance were also involved in organising February’s Drowned World event at The Riverside Leisure Centre, which was a live ambient experience in the swimming pool, featuring music both above and under the water and projections and lights that were linked with the piece being played.

They have also featured at Chelmsford venue The Hotbox, where unsigned musicians were encouraged to come along so they could hear their music up loud courtesy of the nice people at Hotbox.

On the up and once lockdown is over, expect more from Resonance around Chelmsford and Essex as they combine music and visuals in unusual participatory ways and venues. 

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Resonance’s own words on Four Walls

“2020 is a year of looking through frames and borders to an outside world. Four Walls is a collaborative production from some of the artists of the Resonance Collective, highlighting the internal world of the COVID-19 lockdown from the viewpoint of electronic music. These pieces are created from isolation, but still represent our ability to connect and work together.

Four Walls takes us on a journey through ambient and cerebral music

All the proceeds will be going to the NHS and other charities that support people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.



1. Graham Tobias – Now Is The Time

2. Hell Feeder – Epitaph

3. Joe Thomas – Regretsville

4. Andrew Stirton – Ambinarium

5. Frazer Merrick – Dawn Chorus

6. Eddie Temple – Tundra

7. Nogodsnomasters – Dark Rain

8. Social Conduct – Minor Comfort

9. Joel Cahen – Floating 02

10. Bassphix – Excursion

11. James Elcome – 4th Floor

12. Syncontra – Maybe We Could

Artwork by Jemma Bannocks (Artist & Photographer)


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