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What has everyone being doing during lockdown?


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  1. As some of you will know, during Lockdown I’ve been doing 3 nights per week ‘freezer stacking’ down the fabled Aisle-12 at Tesco (Miami roundabout). I never thought I would ever be doing anything like this in my entire life, yet here we are. And I’m grateful for it, because it’s all about ‘making ends meet’ right now. But the killer is the sleep deprivation, as I have great difficulty catching up on my sleep during the daytime after a 9hr shift. Plus going to work when I would normally be going to bed is just hideous!
    I’ve also been sunbathing, as fortunately it’s been like a can of Lilt (totally tropical) of late.
    Cycling more.
    Oh and drinking more too, which is probably not a good thing. But the moment I get in after doing an overnight shift, I tend to immediately pour myself a stiff vodka & fresh orange juice and then get in a hot bath with it…..at 07:15am!

    1. What am I doing during lockdown? Well not very much is the answer! The highlight of my week is definitely going outside to clap the nurses, I live in a little secluded close in Little Waltham and one of the neighbours lads has a DJ kit which he puts out in the The Close and plays a bit music and we clap the wonderful NHS staff. That has progressed to taking a few cans of beers up the close and having a chin wag at a distance of course!

      The next highlight is a trip to Tesco Express (sad eh?) every now and again I knock myself out with excitement because Tesco deem me worthy of a slot for home delivery! Yay 80 items to my doorstep I am truly blessed! But on the downside I miss my trip out!

      Another highlight has to be the Zoom telephone calls with a couple of mates. It involves talking nonsense for 2 hours and trying to out drink one another. Just like visiting a pub really I suppose ????

      These are strange times indeed. Stay safe folks, let’s make sure we are all here at the other end ?

  2. Unlike Shaun, I don’t have the same imperative to find work as I took early retirement, so my day to day routine hasn’t changed that much, having established a living pattern prior to the ‘lockdown’. What has changed is that a good friend set me up on Skype, so we have a ‘lunch Skype’ most days, which is keeping me sane. My dusty car sits on the driveway, I’ve only been shopping twice in the last few weeks, the first time I put it off as long as I could as I was very nervous about what, only a few weeks before, had been just a usual part of everyday life, but was now fraught with possible dangers (to my mind). I went wearing 2 pairs of disposable gloves and shot suspicious glances at every other shopper. The second time I was a more relaxed shopper, but I have added a homemade mask to my ensemble.
    I’ve now received a ‘Shielding Advice’ letter from ECC, so the next time I go for essentials, I’ll probably be sporting a suit of armour!

  3. After redundancy last year and finding out what was important or not, the looming fear of lockdown, at present hasnt caused too much panic in this household as maybe it would of done without the experience of a year ago.

    Don’t get me wrong there isnt bundles of money sitting in the bank to see us through months and months till the end of the crisis, but knowing what to do and letting the fight in us kick in, as apposed to the flight, we as a family like many others out there will hopefully come out stronger for it all again, once this is done and dusted.

    What we have found is, its important to keep some sort of normality during this stay at home period, keep a routine/structure of each day going , especially for anyone with children will understand this.

    Our daughter, hats off to her has managed to get on with school work Monday – Friday without us hassling her to it.
    The better half is getting on with little jobs that’s she has been wanting to do for ages and I’ve been structuring each day with either my own course work for exam re-takes, sorting out old clothes,trainers and other items and selling them on eBay and almost treating that like a job….well it feels like one when you’re constantly answering emails from buyers, taking pictures for listing, packing up sold items and daily post office runs.

    Keeping up some sort of daily exercise has been important too.

    I think one of the biggest things to come out of this lockdown for everybody, has been overdue appreciation for our families, friends, what we do and take for granted on a daily basis and of course the general publics appreciation of people on the front line.

    The weekly clap for the NHS and other front line workers keeping society going including our very own Mr Edge Shaun has been fantastic and makes you feel proud to be British again.
    Let’s hope this love and affection for one and other continues long after this virus has died and not allow the thousands of human beings that have tragically passed away in this crisis be in vain.

    Stay safe everyone
    GP x

  4. Both my better half and I are still working full time from home, so fitting that in around home schooling 2 children has been a challenge, but we’ve got a nice routine going now, and I have to be honest and say I’m enjoying life in lockdown.

    The house and garden have never looked so good, and despite my days being very busy between work and getting shown up by a 9 year old who’s better at maths than I am, I’m loving not spending 40 hours and £300 a month just travelling to the office and back.

    We’ve been arranging Friday night quizzes with friends using the House Party app, and it’s great that we have access to the technology to easily keep in touch with our loved ones, and also gives me an excuse to have a beer and stuff my face with snacks.

    We’re also very lucky that we live in the country, so we have access to lots of open space on our doorstep and we can easily do an hours walk without seeing anyone. Apart from that, my weekly “treat” is an early morning trip to Tesco for supplies.

    I’ve been impressed with how the shops have implemented social distancing procedures, but if I was ever in doubt that the general public are, by and large, complete lackwits, then watching people fail to follow the most basic instructions has put paid to that.

    Hope you’re all staying safe and well, and wherever possible, try and find some of the positives in this unprecedented situation.

  5. My Rules for lockdown
    * Don’t watch Daytime TV
    * Don’t eat chocolate before 8pm
    * Gin is Ok anytime after 4pm
    * Exercise every day (Really!)
    * Don’t wear TackyB’s or ANY Elasticated Trousers (it’s a sign of giving up)
    * Dress smartly for Video Conferences and make sure the background is perfect
    * Try and book a click/collect or home delivery slot

    1. You try getting my father-in-law NOT to wear elasticated ‘trousers’! But I’m right with you on this one. However, the question begs, are ‘trews’ tightened by a draw-string acceptable?

  6. Rules for Lockdown (II)

    Try and book a click/collect or home delivery slot
    Double Denim is OK
    Get interesting Bandanas for a face mask
    Be prepared to wait for 4 weeks before hearing back from the NHS for jobs/volunteering etc.
    Try and book a click/collect or home delivery slot

    Wear Gloves when you’re Out/Out

    1. And WASH those bloody gloves too. Jeez, Mrs E makes me strip off ALL of my clothing (oh yes, she does) on the fecking doorstep, come rain or shine, when I return home from one of my numerous nightshifts up at tut supermarket – although fortunately for my neighbours it is our BACK doorstep – and everything gets bundled into the washing machine. But I have observed peeps using protective gloves incorrectly (i.e. they get back into their cars after supermarket visits still wearing them). Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. USE YOUR LOAVES!

  7. What have I been doing? Well, given the advice from our stable genius of a leader, and being needlephobic, I have been researching other ways to get bleach into my bloodstream. I’ll figure something out eventually, but try as I might, I can’t find a way to get a sunlamp up my arse.

    1. You must feel comforted having one of the greatest statesmen of the age leading your adopted homeland, Steve. Imagine how bad it could be if you had a deluded buffoon in charge?!

      1. Indeed. He makes Johnson and his shower of toadying incompetents look good. It strikes me that many/most of the best performing countries as far as handling the pandemic are being led by women. By contrast two of the worst performing, the UK and the US, are led by men with a huge ego and not much of a back catalogue of achievement in anything. I feel a longer piece coming on….

  8. Rules For Lockdown III

    * Accept Draw string Trousers are OK
    * Try and book a click/collect or home delivery slot
    * Try and book a click/collect or home delivery slot
    * Try and book a click/collect or home delivery slot
    * Buy some Nicotine Patches (French Idea)
    * Don’t Inject Disinfectant
    * Try and book a click/collect or home delivery slot
    * Put on Mask and Gloves and buy some Food

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