Our Lockdown in Summary

Melly-Moo Bailey

Melly-Moo Bailey

Outnumbered Mum of a feral trio, raising chaos in a house of carnage, with musings of survival and sanity.
Melly-Moo Bailey

Melly-Moo Bailey

Outnumbered Mum of a feral trio, raising chaos in a house of carnage, with musings of survival and sanity.

Lockdown in our house attempting to “crisis school” and occupy 3 kids under 7 whilst also trying to work from home, has been nothing short of an animated daily calamity. 

I think the following offers a pretty accurate summary of the state of play to date:

  • Started eating my own body weight in chocolate
  • Downloaded house party and felt old because I didn’t really understand it
  • Lamented the state of my hands at least once a day 
  • Established a new (baggy)Lockdown wardrobe with semi-smart top options for work Teams calls
  • Made passing comments to randoms when my family and I are out for own one walk a day that Boris LEGIT says we can have 
  • Realised the true extent to which teachers are seriously underpaid and under appreciated
  • Got a judgemental alert on my phone to say my screen time is up to 9 hours + a day, (and I have nearly used my monthly data allowance in 3 days) 
  • Lost complete track of dates/days of the week
  • Used this as an excuse to drink alcohol most nights 
  • Had a slight panic attack at the thought of running out of wine and chocolate
  • Queued for longer to get into a supermarket than I ever have for a night club
  • Ranted to someone about “people who just don’t get it”
  • Thought to myself at least once a day “what the hell is going on?!”

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    1. Haha exactly! I read an article the other day that said alcohol consumption is up by 46%?…. surely that is a mis-print and they actually meant 96%?!

  1. Love this post!

    Makes me feel normal! I wore a smart shirt and pyjama bottoms for my client meeting today and was hungover (Drinking at 11am and pouring Bacardi on my cornflakes is the new norm) ?

    1. Personally I’m a fan of a wine chaser in the mornings, as Dolly Parton would say its the newly defined “pour myself a cup of ambition”

  2. Tracie, you should of had a double espresso “Martini” to go with your cornflakes….. I’m sure that would’ve made a decent breakfast combo.

    I guess there’s always time to have one instead tomorrow or Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday or…. Hang on, what day is it again?

    1. What-day
      Some-day ….. (and repeat)

      To be fair if it wasn’t for the cbeebies “days of the week” song I wouldn’t have a clue…..

  3. I’ll be honest and say that when I’ve finished a Tesco nightshift, my lovely wife has a nice hot bath waiting for me (shallowish so I don’t fall asleep in it and drown). I strip off to my undies on the back door mat (she doesn’t want the clothes I’ve worked in to go further than the door mat – and then directly into the washing machine). Then I pour myself a treble, yes TREBLE, vodka & fresh orange juice with ice and take it into the bathroom with me.
    At 07:20am!

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