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Editor & Head Honcho.

Gary Barlow got it spot on when he sang about Patience because the P-word is what it’s all going to be about in our new post Covid-19 world; not that we’ve even got to the ‘post’ bit yet, so a little more patience is going to be necessary there for starters.
We need patience when queuing to get into a supermarket.
We’ve always needed patience in our cars whilst stuck in traffic.
Patience is required where reform is concerned; things cannot always be as instant as coffee.
And what about trying to book a summer holiday abroad? Yep. You’re probably going to need bundles of the stuff there, not to mention re-entering Blighty and a period of Lockdown, turning your fortnight’s break into an entire month off work.
But has Boris shown enough patience in trying to kick-start our economy, or has he thrown caution to the wind?
Is the 2m rule about to be scrapped? And how big a part has it played in helping us ‘get on top’ of Coronavirus?
But, most of all, does Gary Barlow deserve a statue?


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  1. It’s probably not cool to comment on one of your own articles, but hey ho, I’m going to anyway, as patience is something I lack by the bucket load. Case in point, just this minute I very near took my wife’s eye out, and I mean that most sincerely, folks (Bob Monkhouse).
    I was up a ladder and I’d got the cord of my loppers (is that what they’re called?) caught in a tree and I was trying to free it by the pole itself using sheer brute force. My wife was at ground level, walking towards me, to see if she could help, when all of a sudden I managed to release it via my tugging the pole (ahem, that is not meant to be a euphemism) which subsequently saw the end of it violently shoot just a couple of inches beside my wife’s face.
    Jesus, it all happened in a split second, only then you consider what the consequences could have been.
    FACT: I could have blinded her in one eye, all because of my LACK OF PATIENCE and getting ratty over a snagged branch of a bloody tree.

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