Editor & Head Honcho.


Editor & Head Honcho.

Which is not going to be anytime soon, we all appreciate that.
But I’d be interested to know your thoughts as regards what you would like to see come next, down the line?
For instance, there have definitely been pluses to all of this, as well as minuses.
So what are some of the things you’d like to see retained?
For instance, clearer air and decongested roads. But how do we achieve this? Well, I do think far more people are likely to continue to work from home post Covid-19, but should we seriously look at reducing air travel and transport on our roads in general?
Should pubs remain closed? Do we need them? (Hey, I wouldn’t want to see them go, I’m simply posing the question. But it seems to me that many of us have turned our own homes into pubs, as it would clearly appear we’ve been ‘drinking our way through this crisis’!)
One of the things I’d like to see hasn’t happened during Lockdown, but I do think I’d like to see a return to the days when NOTHING is open on Sundays and pretty much NOTHING happens.
That and properly rewarding our amazing NHS.


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  1. Moston here. Yes dear EE I think there is much to be said about what we would like to cherry pick from this shitefest. As like many commuters the collapse of Abbot and Costello Crapper Anglia as our train non provider would be a start. No further comment on that or it could get libellous. Despite being in banking our background as a family is shopkeeping, father was a butcher, the whole family were on his side some still are, he could never understand seven day opening. He had gone from working 6 very long days in the late 1940’s through the 50’s until it all started easing back until to early closing on Thursdays (remember that) in the 1970’s. By the time he retired shopping malls had appeared along with Sunday shopping. He thought it unfair on families, and as for late night opening at Lakeside , oh boy , best not to get him started.
    So onto Sundays. Yes I agree with EE to a point. I am though young enough to remember going into the sweetshop on Sunday morning and seeing the sweets all covered over because it was illegal to sell them. Ciggies and newspapers along with odd exceptions. Yes to a Giraffe straightening kit but no to a birthday card. It was a bit much. There is a good case on both sides for all or none. I guess like most things there will be a middle way and compromise. If you are a shift worker there is every reason why you need the flexibility to shop.
    Of course now the EE has embraced T’internet The Edge will not be a victim to any change to retail availability if he truly embraces the change. No wait for the presses to roll, oh no. Like a lot of ‘special interest’ websites currently being viewed during the lockdown we are now out there at the end of your fibre optic line! Like isolation and distancing itself we need to see if EE can stay the course in the new world. The fabled Edge writers lounge will now be a hive of activity as we take this big bold step.
    As for changes I would like to see remain in place. A Friday night end of week livened in a big glass will be required to mull it over.

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