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Editor & Head Honcho.

I’ve felt pretty damn low for the past few days.
Boris seems to have ‘thrown’ people back to work and it depresses the hell out of me seeing folk seemingly blindly cramming into tubes, without gloves, without face-masks. The way I see it, we’re pretty much ASKING FOR IT.
Watched the C4 documentary about South Korea supposedly ‘beating the virus’ last night. But have they? Am I any the wiser?
I’ve always loved the way the Germans seem to be so very slick about pretty much everything they turn their hand to, only their Covid-19 death-rates appear to be on the rise again (as you’d expect) as they attempt ease their way out of lockdown. So if that’s what’s happening over there, how can it be any different over here?
We had that little bit longer to see what was happening, look at our options, due to our position in the hemisphere. But it seems to me that we simply watched matters unfold, a bit like a rabbit caught in the glare of headlights, as the virus spread from Wuhan, throughout Europe. When we heard what was happening in Italy we should have been running for the hills. But no. Those headlights were on main beam by now.
Our preparation appears to have been zero. Just like our lack of investment in snowploughs, on the grounds that, ‘Well, we don’t really get that much snow in Blighty, do we?’ – just before our country (not often, granted) grinds to a halt for a few days during the winter months.
But what amount of time are we talking about here? Weeks have turned into a couple of months already and you can accuse me of being a pessimist all you like, I am not seeing any real plan of a way out of this mess, or us having put ‘the worst of it behind us’ until 2021 at the very earliest.
So, under the circumstances, perhaps you will forgive me for my current bought of lethargy.


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  1. The problem with the Coronavirus is that it’s a case of “No plan survives first contact with enemy” (many military leaders) or “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth” (Mike Tyson). Nobody knows how to deal with the problem. No two patients respond in the same manner. You’ll have to be patient and accept that the government/ public health/ medics are all working blindly uphill and slowly but very slowly getting there. As Churchill famously said this is “NOT THE BEGINNING OF THE END but THE END OF THE BEGINNING”.
    Remember THERE IS NO PLAN.

  2. OK, I get you.
    But Boris has been taking advice from ‘?????’ and WHO SAYS they were the correct people/scientists to be taking advice from? Different people have different opinions. I still don’t feel we’ve handled it as well as we could have, but hindsight is ‘a beautiful thing’, of course.

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