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DEAKS takes you through his life's adventures, from leaving Rainsford Grammar School for the 'Advanced of Learning' to the present day, growing old disgracefully without shame or regret.


DEAKS takes you through his life's adventures, from leaving Rainsford Grammar School for the 'Advanced of Learning' to the present day, growing old disgracefully without shame or regret.

One of the good things to come out of this wretched pandemic is that we all have more time on our hands to take in the things and the people around us. I know some are stuck indoors but personally I’m taking in my surroundings a lot more now with a clear head whether that be when I go for a walk, an essential car journey or just when I am sitting in my garden. I’m lucky enough to have a beautiful view over open fields behind me and the colours are so vivid. I have seen majestic birds of prey including hawks and owls and I’ve had a fox, a family of monk jack and a deer in my garden.  I’ve lived here for 20 years and I’ve ever noticed these things before and honestly I’m only half joking! 

This reminded me of a book I’ve read so many times and which I’ve bought, given away, and bought again several times! I looked in my library for it just now and I’ve given it away yet again at some stage so I shall have to order another copy online now. 

The Celestine Prophecy is a book that discusses various psychological and spiritual ideas rooted in multiple ancient Eastern traditions and New Age spirituality. The main character undertakes a journey to find and understand a series of spiritual insights in an ancient manuscript from Peru. 

It’s very easy to relate to the message in the book and I’m not a particularly spiritual person although on reflection perhaps I’m more spiritual than I think. If you are that way inclined it’s well worth a read. 


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  1. I think (hope) that the lockdown and Covid-19 crisis has resulted in a lot of people taking stock and realising that perhaps what we thought was so important really isn’t, and that maybe we shouldn’t just race to get “back to normal” when we could make some positive changes?

    While the human cost of both the virus and the lockdown can’t be ignored, I really do think there have been some positives for many people too.

    We have a real chance to change working practices, perhaps even the economy as a whole to be better for the environment and our work/life balance.

    Call me overly optimistic, but I think it would be a crying shame not to try and make something good out of all this.

  2. Totally agree with you Kingpin let’s hope we don’t waste this opportunity that has presented itself to us in unfortunate circumstances.

  3. Really agree! This is a chance for change! I did a Soul Journey last year! It is called Dark Night of The Soul when you have to face up to your Demons/Issues/Life Problems etc! It was the hardest thing I ever did in my life! But the Spiritual awakening that came about after was simply the best!

    I hope we take this great opportunity to change and make real World changes!

    Although I am no scientist but I think we will have a second wave we still got high infection rates! If one man eating a bat in Wuhan did this we got 4-5k infection rates per 100,000 tests confirmed Multiply that by 55 million!

  4. I’ll sign-up to that too.

    April and May, especially with the fine weather we’ve enjoyed, are magical months. Perhaps we’ve actually been fortunate that the peak of the crisis has coincided with this season of new awakening, light, optimism and with such beauty and vivid colours (I daren’t imagine what it would be like in November). Every time I go out walking, cycling or running I see so many people out clearly delighting in their surroundings. They wouldn’t usually be out in those numbers so this will certainly change people’s appreciation of nature and the environment, hopefully for good.

    A little confession, because I thought I was going soft, is that I found myself taking loads of photos of hedgerow blossom and flowers. I just don’t want the beauty of early May to fade.

  5. Excellent comments guys thank you, I’ve just ordered Celestine Prophecy online for the umpteenth time, I’ll lend it to you next time you are round Phil lol

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