Is anybody out there as confused about the Social/Family Bubble as I am, what does it mean and who is in it?

As far as I can understand it if you go out you have to socially distance at 2 metres, but now you can opt to choose to have a social or family bubble which is an exclusive group that relates to you as the ‘Prime Family Member’ and cannot mix with any other ‘Bubble’.

So, if you have a large family of children/grandchildren/Siblings how do you choose who to select for your ‘Family Bubble’ bearing in mind this may go on for months or even a couple of years, depending on the now infamous R number.

Personally, with Father’s Day rapidly approaching, I envisage a selection process similar to the opening scenes of the Godfather, where I sit at my desk accompanied by my Consigliere, (who’s already part of my household), as various members of the family approach with gifts/offers of loyalty etc. 

The consigliere will provide a list of positive and negative reasons for inclusion which will be also measured by the value of the gift. Do you automatically choose the youngest son? Do you select the Daughter? Will the middle son shine through unlike Fredo Corleone – decisions – decisions! 

Pick Wisely!

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  1. Lol yes I am confused MSS! It went right over my head and the head of Boris too I suspect. I shall just carry on following the Rule of Cummings ie do what I bloody well like!

  2. Everyone is talking “Bubbles”.
    It is like VE day all over again!

    Pick wisely though – once you pick your “support Bubble to sleep over” you cannot change. Given many of our Government MPs were sneaking off to visit Other “Bubbles”
    Ummmm in these days of online hook ups will it work ?

    Sorry to burst the dream – but you may be stuck with that person for some time ?

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