The Hidden Heroes Of Lockdown!

Totally Tracie

Totally Tracie

Totally Tracie - Bringing you the word from the street, including what’s going UP and what’s falling DOWN.
Totally Tracie

Totally Tracie

Totally Tracie - Bringing you the word from the street, including what’s going UP and what’s falling DOWN.

6 weeks ago I had to go into complete Isolation, I have been really ill with Bronchitis for the past 4 years and my lungs are pretty bad a turn on a ventilator would finish me off for sure!

My son is also very ill – so as to not risk his health or mine – I took the NHS advice and went inside and locked my door!

Simple enough, but is it? Suddenly I found myself completely cut off! At first it was a bit of a novelty, getting the staple food sorted out! Organising stuff to do, getting all those odd jobs done and kitchen cupboards cleared out! I Grabbed my paintbrush, started painting the decking and summer house and then the reality hit me! I was home alone with just the TV.

Little things became big things, days all meshed together, Easter came and went and depression started to hit me again! Anyone who has ever had depression will tell you how awful it is! My boiler broke last week, and I just sat and cried And cried! Freezing cold, I called the usual boiler man who was his usual unsympathetic Grumpy gruff self, who made me feel useless and a nuisance!

I told a lady in my village, who came back and said call “Mike from MPH Boilers“ he is amazing! I texted him Sunday to and he said he would come Monday! I was really nervous letting someone in the house with This Virus going around.

Anyway Mike turned up – totally professional and worked with safe distancing. I showed him the oil boiler and within 2 minutes he had it working and 5 minutes later fixed! The guy is a whizz! He carried out the repair and said it needed a proper service, which I asked him to book me in for!

Went to pay him and he refused to take a penny, as he was coming back to do the Service! What a guy!

The kindness he showed me, and I noted on his Facebook page he was fixing NHS staff Oil Boilers and Heating for free! A small business in Chelmsford doing what he can for others in times of need! I was in tears all weekend, Really worried and this man really helped me out! I will be using him for ever more!

If anyone is in need of an oil boiler repair then this is the guy to call 07840 883726

It is the spirit of helping each other out that has really reunited the country and brought us all together! A lovely lady in my village Tiffany Mercer, brought a delivery of meat to my house! And my good Friend Tina Carter (Pictured with me below) queued up and got some Fruit and Veg for me and my friend Eve Allum too! I have friends who work in the NHS who looked death in the face everyday!

It is all these Selfless people who put themselves at risk for others who really make Britain great! I am sure there are loads of similar stories out there – but I will never forget the bravery and kindness of others who carried on and helped me out these past few weeks! Thank You!

You are all heroes! That is what I shall take with me after Lockdown the way so many put themselves out for others and gave what they could to help others out! They are what makes Britain great!

I will never forget it – Ordinary people doing extraordinary and brave selfless things for other!


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  1. Lovely post Tracie, hang in there, we will get through this. There are lots of beautiful people about, always has been, I just think they shine more in these dark times x

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