The Virus

A couple of days ago I sent Shaun a Whats App message about how I thought the Covid 19 virus was clearly a designer virus manufactured in China but I thought its release was likely to be accidental. The basis is that the virus specifically attaches to a receptor in the lung called Angiotensin Releasing Factor II – Plentiful in the 55+ less so in the younger population. Also its enhanced by the activity by Anti-Hypertensives (drugs that lower Blood Pressure). If you were designing a virus this is it. Highly contagious, twice or three times as fatal as normal INFLUENZA, but scary enough to impose a lockdown and subsequent economic collapse all of which has happened!
What is clear is that the advisors in Public Health England and SAGE really have no idea about what they’re doing. We haven’t tested, but that only provides a snapshot of what’s happening today, we have no idea of the Prevalence, i.e. the frequency of the virus within the population as a whole. Without this we can’t identify at risk groups, who to immunise, and when.
So once we’ve formulated an anti Covid 19 vaccine what then?
Immunisation is easy but picking the recipients remains problematic, so the government will have to institute some kind of selection process based on jobs, such as front line hospital and care home staff first, then others in the emergency services etc. For the rest should it then be based on day or year of birth by some form of a lottery system, so everyone gets a fair crack at being immunised in a fair and orderly fashion. What then, how are you going to prove you’ve been immunised and able to leave your home, travel to work and finally travel abroad, as crossing a frontier is likely to remain an issue. Paper certificates won’t work for a whole variety of reasons nor will a credit card or a physical biometric passport. The only way will be to microchip every individual immunised, and lay us all open to government control of movement, activity and ultimately everything we do.
A brave new world indeed.


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