Today May 8 2020

It’s sobering at this time of crisis to remember the losses incurred during World War II as we prepare to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day. It’s estimated that between 65 to 75 million people perished during the conflict that began on the 1st September 1939. The Soviet Union alone, lost 30 million during the war whilst Poland and Germany lost upwards of 6 million each and the United Kingdom and the British Empire (as it was in those days) sustained losses of nearly 500,000. As we watch the ever rising toll of loss during this Coronavirus Pandemic we should pause and remember those who perished during the last global conflict.

Whilst it took years for Europe to rebuild, ( the USSR probably did not start recovering before 1991), recovery did occur, despite the losses, shattered economies and the massive reconstruction of Europe that had to occur. So, it will be the same following the Pandemic; people will recover thanks to the marvellous NHS (that was established in the post war years); the economy will open up and financial stability will return over the next couple of years, and eventually we will be able to go out to pubs, restaurants and sporting events and even travel abroad.

Let us commemorate VE Day and remember those who were not able to witness the end of the war and pay our respects those who have succumbed to the current pandemic.


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  1. Yep. That’s what we need to have in the forefront of our minds every single time we feel down, bored, or just fed up with our own hairstyles. There’s something much, much BIGGER at play here that’s been with us for the past couple of months and it ain’t going anywhere anytime soon.
    The sooner people take this fact on board, the better, because I happen to think far too many people are STILL not taking things seriously enough. It’s as though they’ve been fecking (excuse the swearing, but warranted, I feel) INCONVENIENCED.

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