“When we come out of Lockdown so does the Virus!”

I’ve just heard the most amazing and impressive interview with Nicola Sturgeon who stated:

“When we come out of Lockdown so does the Virus!”

That should be food for thought as we all try and pretend that the Virus has now gone away.

She also said that the Science is identical in England and Scotland and cannot understand why face masks are not compulsory in England as they are now in Scotland.

As I’ve said before – The Virus is still out there!

As we can all see – there are lockdowns now occurring in MELBOURNE – LEICESTER – SINGAPORE – ISRAEL – CATALONIA (in Spain) – TEXAS – ARIZONA – FLORIDA and a whole host of other places.

So the advice should be



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  1. I don’t think masks are the number one factor here at all, I truly don’t.
    I think hand washing and anti-bacing ‘on a regular basis’ is far more important after you’ve been outside of the home and ‘touched stuff’. Also, make sure you wash your hands immediately upon returning home and after opening any mail (which enters from ‘the outside’). Take your shoes off before entering the house (who knows what’s on the soles?). And all that shopping you’ve just bought, or taken delivery of. It’s a miserable task, but we at ‘Edge Towers’ anti-bac every single packet, package or container before storing away.
    It’s your own personal duty if you want to STAY SAFE.

  2. This is a moveable feast. Even in the 5 days since this reply was posted there have been several scientific papers now promoting the airborne theory and hence the realisation that the mask is needs to be an item of importance.
    See my piece on tweed masks, if we are going to have to adopt them lets make them fun. Lets face it the mystery silver surfer is in a better position to make these statements than a publisher and a Compliance officer!

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