Editor & Head Honcho.


Editor & Head Honcho.

Those were the words our MSS (Mystery Silver Surfer) text me immediately after seeing this photograph of me, hard at it, during a nightshift at Tesco. So from that moment on I’ve since rectified matters by wearing a face-mask. It interferes with the bottom of the frame of my glasses and also makes my top lip sweat, but I guess that’s a small price to pay. Strangely enough, I’ve only noticed another couple of people wearing face-masks in all the time I’ve been there.


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  1. Lol when you sent me that by WhatsApp I didn’t know it was you and I couldn’t see what the joke was bloke!! Now I know, you are praying to the Fish Finger God. Praise be!!

    1. Oh I do love a “Fish Finger Sandwich”!
      My nan used to leave me one in the kitchen when I got in – at 3am from Dukes!

      She used to say that will “Soak up the Booze me darling”!!!! God Rest her Soul whenever I eat a fish finger I think of her !

      1. You got home after Dukes? Good work TT hats off to you I’m impressed!

        I found a greasy kebab and chips did the same for me! OMG the thought of eating one of them when you are sober eh?

  2. A full length apron??? What, with blue with white vertical stripes, I suppose? MSS, the store is CLOSED when I’m on my restocking duties. I’m not there to SELL their bloody fish!

  3. You could always top it off with a straw boater – there’s a thought “Hats to wear in the Pandemic” – mine is a grey Fedora or Panama for the sunny days!

  4. Hats are great and I love it when I see a ‘fish man’ wearing a straw boater.
    In the brave new post-Covid-19 world we need to see far more people wearing hats (not peaked caps, mind), like back in the fifties, as it’s such a classy look.
    Motco’s a ‘hat man’, so perhaps you ought to have a pint with him sometime…

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