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Editor & Head Honcho.

I hate it.
I’ve read a few of the comments on our very own Edge website and elsewhere about it not only being a thing of the present, but of the future as well.
But nah, it’s not for me.
Case in point. I need a new pair of trainers and the Asics pair I currently own have stood me in really good stead, so I figured I might as well treat myself to another pair of those.
I noticed a bloke called Mike Ashley was selling them online, so I ordered a pair and it cost me an extra £4.90 to have them delivered.
When I received them, I took one look at ’em, closed the box (without even trying them on) and I was back round my local NISA store to send them back PDQ, which cost me another £4.90.
So, for the best part of a tenner, I have ended up with absolutely nothing to my name, whereas that twat Mike Ashley is quid’s in.
Yep, online shopping is the future alright.


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  1. Online Shopping! I love it!!

    I know all of Amazons delivery drivers by their first name!

    A little tip with Amazon mate, click on free delivery, it arrives all of 24 hours later but I’m a patient man!

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